Children are not welcome at this family-style eatery

Although Sofia’s restaurant website promotes its family-friendly style, children are not welcome at this establishment, QUB Radio has found.

The reservation platform for the Sofia restaurant, which has branches in Rosemère and DIX30, was full for a reservation for a family of two adults and two children for tonight, but had tables available for four adults at the same time.

In order to shed light on this situation, the author of these lines spoke with an employee of the Montreal North Shore branch. When made aware of the situation, the employee recommended that we not indicate that we had minors with us and that places were very limited for this clientele.

“During the week, it’s quieter, but on weekends it’s not recommended for children. This is not a place where we come with children,” he said.

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When asked if it was because the children are going to be too much of a nuisance, the employee simply repeated that “places are limited for children.”

Called to react to this situation, Suzanne Gagnon, the wife of famous chef Daniel Vézina, mentioned in a telephone interview that she had never seen this type of situation.

“We have 4,5,6 year old children at our restaurant. The tastes of young people are surprising and they will eat raw fish, ”explains the one who worked for several years with her husband at the gourmet restaurant in Quebec City, Laurie Raphaël, recently taken over by their children.

The latter added that the restaurant would be in a bad position to refuse children, because the restaurant was named in their honor.

For her part, the co-owner of the Laurie Raphaël, Laurie Vézina, certified that everyone is accepted at the restaurant. “Of course the experience can be different with children and you have to be aware of that. That said, at all times, children are welcome. »

For her part, retired judge Nicole Gibeault wonders whether there are serious reasons given to explain this decision.

“It’s a pizzeria, it’s not a bar with gambling machines. Sounds like a discrimination issue to me. At that time, complaints can be made to the Human Rights Tribunal. In my opinion, you can’t invoke many reasons about a pizzeria. I do not understand “, she mentioned at the microphone of Benoit Dutrizac.

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