Chef of New York’s Balthazar restaurant Keith McNally violently attacks US TV star James Corden: “He’s the worst customer who’s ever been to my establishment”

In a message posted on Instagram, New York restaurateur Keith McNally personally attacked James Corden. He presented the British comedian as the worst customer who has visited his establishment, the Balthazar, since it opened 25 years ago.

Before detailing two examples of James Corden’s abusive behavior towards servers, the latter demanding “a round of cocktails on the spot” after discovering a hair in his dish.

The second time because of the presence of an egg white in his omelette.

A dish immediately changed. The actor was however carried away when he discovered that fries had replaced the salad ordered beforehand.

“That’s when he started yelling at the waiter like crazy: ‘You’re unable to do your job!'” he kept repeating. ‘Maybe I should go make the omelette myself in the kitchen!’”.

A few hours later, this same Keith McNally posted a new message about James Corden, this time to announce that he had just called to “deeply apologize”.

“Having made mistakes myself in my life, more than many, I strongly believe in second chances. Anyone able to be magnanimous enough to apologize to a man like me (and my staff) does not deserve to be banned. Especially not Balthazar,” he wrote, assuring James Corden that “all is forgiven.”

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