chef Marc Veyrat sells his Manigod restaurant to his daughter Élise

Haut-Savoyard chef Marc Veyrat sells his restaurant in Manigod (Haute-Savoie) to his daughter Élise, confirming information revealed by The Dauphine Libere
. Located opposite the Aravis chain at more than 1700 meters above sea level, the establishment had been closed for three years, in particular since the covid period and the successive confinements. It is due to reopen by the end of November with 25-year-old Élise Veyrat, the daughter of the famous chef in the black hat, at the helm.

A carefully considered decision

This restaurant in Manigod is one of the emblematic places of gastronomy in Haute-Savoie, but it is also where Marc Veyrat lost his Michelin Guide stars. It was therefore not a decision taken lightly, as Marc Veyrat explains.


“I thought a lot and she thought a lot. She absolutely wanted to resume. I was not for this recovery at the start because I find that today times are very difficult for young people like that. I will be always with her. I will always have an eye. (…) It may be a bit difficult for a dad, but in any case, it’s a great adventure, and I find that the transmission there is not there is nothing more beautiful, there is nothing more invigorating for a dad who is a cook to hand over the keys to his business to his daughter, it’s wonderful.

“Put your personality on the plates”

For the new chef, succeeding the chef in the black hat, the challenge is immense. Marc Veyrat recognizes that together, they have thought about it a lot, also talked about the risks. Today, the job is complicated underlines the chef. Marc Veyrat is also happy to see his daughter take over.


“I want to leave her free, I want her to find her way, to put her personality on the plates, it’s very important. Of course, I will be there to help her, naturally. (…) But it’s very difficult, you can’t hide it and I find that telling the truth to your children also means telling them all the difficulties they may encounter in the future. of a dad who lived 50 years in the kitchen, that’s normal. You shouldn’t be defeatist for all that, on the contrary. Personally, I’m very optimistic and I’m very happy for her and I want success to be at the end.”

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