Chëf Berliner mixes tradition, novelties and grilled vegetables for a “kebap 2.0”

If you want to rediscover the kebap here is the ideal place: the Chëf Berliner restaurant. Located in the first arrondissement of Lyon, at 10, rue Terme, this restaurant specializing in this Turkish dish has managed to do well.

Here, we eat a “kebap 2.0” as defined by Redouane Allahoum, co-founder of Chëf Berliner. Taking up the craft of kebap, the objective is to combine tradition with novelty: “We honor this know-how by putting a P at the end. Kebap is the original word. Kebab is the new word that has changed over time. We return to an ancestral know-how with the desire to offer something different. »

With its vegetables and its very gourmet bread, the bet is successful. A vegan and vegetarian version is also available with seitan. This gluten flour, cooked and cut into strips, can easily replace meat.

For you, we went to taste this “kebap 2.0”. The opportunity to discover a new address on video.

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