Chat’Grain: “Many adopted cats have been thrown away”

Well-filled shopping carts for the Chat’Grain association in Binic-Etables-sur-Mer. © Olivier Papillon

The Chat’Grain association, chaired by Véronique Riehl, was created in 2011. It offers cats for adoption.

She has taken in no less than 900 cats and kittens; a hundred a year.

She organized, last Saturday, a collection at the Super U.

“Horrible Year”

And Véronique Riehl is sorry:

This year has been truly catastrophic! We are very unhappy, because we found many cats in great suffering on the street. What’s worse is that many of them had been adopted and were thrown away like kleenex. For the month of June alone, we recovered a hundred…

Véronique Riehl, President

Despite this disappointment, the association and its ten host families do not give up.

The collection seems to give them reason to hold on since many donations have been collected: bags of kibble, mash, litter and various and varied cleaning products quickly filled the shopping carts made available in the store by Jérôme Bry, the manager.

It would be good if people who find animals take care of them and keep them until the association can find a place for them. This would allow us to breathe a little

In retirement homes

The association now manages to place cats in retirement homes or centers for the disabled. It hopes to obtain recognition of public utility next year and its president is even considering creating a cat bar at her home.

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