Chantonnay: an octogenarian kills his daughter’s cat with a pitchfork

The 86-year-old gardener, who complained about animals coming into his garden, killed his daughter’s cat with a pitchfork. ©Yann Defacque

Thursday, November 3the Court of La Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée) leaned over a cat cruelty case.

The facts date back to August 20, 2022. A Chatonnay (Vendee)while a lady heard meowing, she saw her neighbor, an 86-year-old man, finish off a cat with a pitchfork.

The latter had fallen into a fox trap set by the gardener. the catnamed Mystery, was none other than his daughter’s.

I am not an animal killer

The accused

At the helm, the octogenarian, a retired post office worker, complained of animals. “The cats, they are always in my garden. »

Throughout the hearing, the man castigated these intruders who come to prowl in his vegetable garden. In his sights: cats, dogs, rats, but also foxes and pigeons. If the defendant “regrets”, he assured not to be “an animal killer”.

I’m not going to cry because I killed a cat

The president of the court has all the same pointed out to the defendant that he had set a “trap” and that he had “forked”.

“I’m not going to start crying because I killed a cat,” asserted the defendant.

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The prosecutor, she pointed out to him that he was “not a hunter”. And that “cats and dogs are not vermin”. She went on to explain that the fox traps were placed where the cats passed.

I am neither a hunter nor a fisherman. I am a gardener

“Beyond this entrapment, there were the blows of fork”, sermonized the prosecutor.

“Witnesses” attended the scene and “findings” were made on the body of the animal. The prosecutor requested two months of simple suspended imprisonment, a €500 fine and the confiscation of the seal.

“I am neither a hunter nor a fisherman. I am a gardener, ”defended the defendant before the verdict.

Ultimately, the court found him guilty serious abuse or act of cruelty to a domestic, tamed or captive animal resulting in death. The fork has been confiscated and the gardener fined €400.

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