Cat takes over from exhausted Golden Retriever mom by comforting her pup

When a mother dog has just given birth, sometimes she needs a little help with her little ones in order to rest. But when that help comes from a cat, it makes for the cutest videos!

Olive is a Golden Retriever who has recently had to take on the role of mother, as related Newsweek. She lives with a cat named fig which turns out to be a great help since whelping. In effect, fig does not hesitate to lend a hand in childcare when he feels that Olive is at an end. An adorable relationship that gives rise to beautiful and moving videos.

A video where Fig comforts a crying puppy

The owners of fig and Olive shared a very touching video on TikTok. We see a Golden Retriever puppy in the foreground, who is crying. Behind are the cat fig and the female dog Olive. But the mother seems exhausted and does not intervene to calm the crying of her little one. Facing his immobility, fig acts. He buried his head in the puppy’s neck and gave him a big hug. And, as if she were reassured to see her child in good hands, Olive walks away and leaves them together.


Baby daddy putting in the work #catdad #goldenretriever

♬ original sound – Fig and Olive

In another video, Fig grooms and takes care of the puppies

fig seems to take his paternal role very seriously. When the mother of the puppies is not present, the feline washes the little ones. Moreover, the latter seem delighted since their tails wag vigorously.


While Olive rests, daddy Fig is put to work #goldenretriever #figandolive #puppydad

♬ I’m A Survivor – Reba McEntire

Since the puppies have grown up, Fig also enjoys playing with them

On a third video, we see that the puppies have grown. But their complicity remained the same with their uncle fig. From now on, they share good parts of the game. Images that are a pleasure to see!


Daddy Fig giving tummy rubs #goldenretriever #puppies #nztiktok

♬ original sound – Fig and Olive

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