Carrot puree from Jean-François Piège

Jean-François Piège shares with you every Saturday on Point its cooking secrets by putting a seasonal product on the front of the plate. After the Vichy carrots last week, the 2-star chef of the Grand Restaurant in Paris has another great classic of French cuisine in store for you today: carrot puree. A basic recipe that can be applied to many other vegetables. Slices of carrots, cubes of butter, mineral water, fine salt and you’re done. We gather all these little people in a saucepan to tackle the cooking. All you have to do is add the double cream (or liquid) and mix everything in a mixer bowl until you obtain a fine and smooth texture. You will see, it’s simple, fast and unmissable. Now it’s up to you to do it again. Treat yourself.

Recipe : carrot puree Jean-François Piège (4 people)

At the market
900g of carrots, 200 g of double cream (or liquid), 30 g of butter cut into cubes, mineral water, salt, freshly ground pepper.

In the kitchen
Using the green pad of a sponge, gently groom the carrots. Above all, do not peel them, because the best of the carrot is always on the outside.
Cut the ends off the carrots. Dip them in of the clear water. Lightly pat them dry with a towel.
at theusing a paring knife,cut the carrots into rounds. Place the carrots in ain a casserole dish or in a saucepan. Wet at height with mineral water. Season with fine salt. Add the cubed butter. Boil the water. Cover with a lid. Lower the intensity of the heat just to a simmer. Remove the cover. Let the cooking water evaporate. Add the double cream (or liquid) to the carrot preparation.
Pour everything into a mixing bowl. Mix until you get a fine puree and smooth. Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper if necessary.

On a plate slightly hollow, harmoniously distribute themashed carrots.

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