Carole Middleton and her party company want to conquer the United States

Earlier this year, reports surfaced that Carole Middleton’s business, Party Pieces, suffered a significant loss in 2021. With recurring lockdowns during the pandemic, the party industry has been globally affected, and the Ms. Middleton’s business was not spared. It was then that we learned the news: Carole Middleton was launching an assault on the United States.

According to the company’s Instagram account, it’s the brand’s first retail partnership outside the UK and the start of a series of “bigger expansion plans” this side of the world. ‘ocean. This partnership comes just one year after the successful launch of its e-commerce platform in the UK, which saw the Party Pieces collections quickly become a bestseller for the brand. The company, based at Child’s Court Farm in Berkshire, employs 40 people and reportedly sends out 4,000 orders a week.

The idea for Party Pieces is said to have come to Carole when she started planning the Princess of Wales’ fifth birthday party in 1987. As a young mother, Carole wanted to “create original parties for her children”, but she struggled to find suitable products. Realizing there was a “vacuum in the market” for personal party products, she started her business that same year. All three of Carole’s children have worked for Party Pieces and, before marrying Prince William in 2011, the Princess of Wales took on the role of project manager for the brand.


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