Carcassonne: “La table de Norbert” becomes “Le block en folie”, and opens this Tuesday, September 20

Far from being a novice in the business, Pierre Aurifeuille bought the restaurant that Norbert Serres had sublimated at 74 Allée-d’Iéna. Renamed “Le block en folie”, this new food establishment will open its doors to epicureans this Tuesday, September 20 in the evening. Quality meats or even lobsters are notably on the menu.

Although Norbert Serres, an emblematic Carcassonne restaurateur so popular with celebrities, passed away on November 5, 2021, his name still resonates as a call to good living, celebration and conviviality. Also, not easy to put the cover behind the exceptional man that he was in the middle of the night, and to eat well…

This bet, it is Pierre Aurifeuille who has nevertheless decided to take it up, by becoming the new owner of the late “La table de Norbert” at 74 de l’Allée d’Iéna. It will henceforth be called, “The block in madness”. At the height of his 59 years, Pierre Aurifeuille is far from being unknown in Carcassonne, where he has already held numerous establishments. For the oldest, we remember in particular the “Passe-temps” rue Antoine-Marty. But also the “Petit Couvert” and the “Not” in the rue de l’Aigle-d’Or, which later became “L’Place” and “L’envers”. From the Aude prefecture, Pierre Aurifeuille then seized the opportunity to run a restaurant in Oran (Algeria), then a second. This parenthesis on the other side of the Mediterranean will last almost ten years… “I was very happy to leave Carcassonne, but today I am delighted to return”, he confides. A homecoming for the Carcassonnais.

Interested in the cover of “La table de Norbert”, in the same way as other candidates, it was finally on August 19 that Pierre Aurifeuille acquired it. This is his third restaurant in Carcassonne. “Here, there is a little notoriety. Also, when I saw the ad one fine morning, I liked it and I got on it”, says the new master of the place. Let the purists reassure themselves: “We start with the same concept of quality meats.” On the menu, meat or fish, but also a vegetarian dish to appeal to all sensitivities.

With a capacity of about eighty seats, Pierre Aurifeuille and his wife Linda can count on Babey, the eternal accomplice of Norbert Serres. But also on Thomas the grilladin, who will be supported by Michèle in the kitchen. “We will work on the suggestion with fresh products, favoring short circuits. A wine list will be offered with Aude and regional appellations”, insists Pierre Aurifeuille. The first room of the restaurant, where the wood fire will be king, the new boss has decided not to touch it to keep “the butcher spirit”, so dear to Norbert Serres. In the other room, “who will become that of the friends”Pierre Aurifeuille has set up a bar area, “which will allow you to have a drink before sitting down to eat, with small dishes to share”.

If there are still small details to be settled so that everything is ready, it is this Tuesday, September 20 that “Le block en folie” will open its doors at n ° 74 of the Allée d’Iéna. “We are open every evening from 7 p.m., except Mondays… There is no lunch service, but there will be late evening service”specifies Pierre Aurifeuille on the eve of his return to business in the city.

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