Carcassonne: death threat to a lawyer, the schizophrenic will finally be tried on December 8

Almost two years after the alleged facts, a 28-year-old Carcassonnais should have been tried on Monday, November 07, but the court decided otherwise by requesting a new psychiatric expertise.

In pre-trial detention at the Seysses remand center since Friday, it was under the escort of six prison officers, reinforced by six police officers from the police station, that Joaid H. arrived at the bar for his judgment in immediate appearance, this Monday. Aged 28, this Carcassonnais had to answer for “threat of crime or misdemeanor in recidivism” against a lawyer from the Carcassonne bar. The facts took place on January 7, 2021, following a deliberation by the court against him. Selected pieces : “When I go out, I’m going to come to your office. You’re going to see you dirty whore…”

Me, I’m not threatening… I don’t remember what happened.

This Monday afternoon, when the defendant agreed to be tried, the court decided to automatically dismiss the judgment, in view of two contradictory psychiatric expert reports provided in the file. “Obviously, the latest is not addressed to the court. And the first relates to a procedure number which is not ours”, said prosecutor Géraldine Labialle. Since the case could not therefore be judged on the merits, the court looked into the personality of the defendant, to decide on the fate to be reserved for him pending his trial at a later date. The man who suffers from schizophrenia has twenty-one mentions in his criminal record.

Incarcerated until October 8, it was then directly in psychiatry that he was hospitalized at his request. Before being placed in police custody upon leaving hospital on Thursday, November 3. “Me, I am not threatening, launched the defendant in court. I do not remember what happened, Madam .. I wish to be placed under judicial supervision.
For Prosecutor Labialle, who requested continued detention, “The defendant’s pathology is serious and worrying. There is a certain criminological danger there!”

To the defence, Joaid H.’s lawyer expressed his misunderstanding of what happened procedurally: “We didn’t prosecute him for two years, and as soon as we got out we put him in custody for an immediate appearance! Me, it’s the first time I’ve seen that.” After deliberating, the court ordered a new psychiatric expertise, and postponed the judgment to December 8. In the meantime, the accused and kept in detention.

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