Can you eat sprouted potatoes?

The problem is that we often buy a lot of them, that we store them, that we forget them a little and now hideous little whitish and twisted legs appear: our potatoes begin to germinate. It happens more or less quickly. But when the potatoes appear are stored in a warm, humid and bright place, then it happens faster – the new crop is on its way!

Soft or not soft?

In principle, sprouted potatoes are not eaten but there is still some latency. If the sprouts are small and few, check that your tuber is still firm. If so, no problem, it’s safe to eat, just get rid of those germs. Do not hesitate to cut the parts which can be green also before cooking them.

On the other hand, if the shoots are more numerous (this is usually the case if the tubers have been forgotten for weeks, even in a dark place) and your potatoes have become soft, it is better to get rid of them unfortunately.

The solanine in question

They could indeed cause health problems because of the solanine contained in vegetables that have sprouted or root vegetables that turn green. This substance is produced by the root so that it is not eaten by animals and fungi. On humans, it has an irritant action on the digestive tract. It can also lead to nerve toxicity: vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, salivation…

But we can be reassured: this substance is really toxic only ingested in large quantities. That said, even minor stomach upsets are never pleasant!

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