can we speak of a “silent war” between the two countries?

Not so long ago the two countries were linked by what is known as the “transpacific washing machine”. China exported goods to the United States, the country sent money back, and that money was then invested by China in US Treasuries to finance the government deficit.

The two countries are now moving apart for political reasons. Latest initiative on the American side: cars – even made in the United States – with Chinese components will not be eligible for the ecological bonus and federal aid. At the same time as a control of Chinese investments in the United States.

This follows all technological disagreements and in particular to the Huawei case, telecom giant that was gradually suffocated because most Western countries were banned from it.

China’s gradual extrication

Just recently, Joe Biden also took an initiative called Chips for America. He announced tens of billions of dollars of investment in microchips and a hundred billion in research to free itself from the dependence of Taiwan.

On his side, China invites its unicorns to leave Wall Street. However, the real commercial relations remain very important between the two countries. For the first half of 2021: 270 billion US imports from China, against 70 billion in the other direction. We note a progressive extrication of China, vis-à-vis the world economy and in particular the American economy.

A “silent war” is being waged in the shadows. Many of China’s technological advances come from technologies that have been naively given away by Western partners, or supplemented by espionage operations. The “silent war” began long before the first tensions arose between China and the United States.

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