Can a store sell expired food?

We answer this Monday to a question about our plate. Stacy lives near Beaumont. She recently bought some half-price items from a supermarket, only to realize they were out of date. So, can a supermarket sell outdated food, even cheaper?

It all depends on the product, the food that Stacy wanted to buy. There are two types of expiry dates, you will quickly recognize them.

First, the date of minimum durability. On the product in question, you read “to be consumed preferably before…”. This concerns products that can be consumed longer. For example, pasta, biscuits, cans, chocolate.

The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of these foods is irreproachable, until the date indicated. After that, they are still good, you can still eat them. So check the packaging, the appearance, the smell also of the product before consuming it.

Can the supermarket still sell its products beyond the recommended date?

Yes, but all the responsibility lies with him. The store must ensure the health of the consumer. In short, it means finding the right balance between waste and food safety.

Then there is the expiry date. And there, you find the indication “to consume until…”. This concerns quickly perishable products, such as fish, meat, anything that needs to be refrigerated.

In this case, when the date has passed, there is a formal ban on selling them.

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