Buyer, works, new restaurants… We know when the Gare du Sud could reopen in Nice

On paper, it couldn’t fail: rehabilitate the Gare du Sud to make it a building housing shops and restaurants, in a trendy atmosphere with many events to attract shoppers of all ages and backgrounds.

And yet, between the problems of temperature (suffocating in summer, freezing in winter) and hygiene, the hall ended up closing in disaster on 1er april. Only IT – Italian Trattoria Nice Gare du Sud had been able to keep its doors open thanks to its independent kitchen.

The then manager, Bannimo, had been accused of not respecting the terms of the contract.

Finally, a buyer was found. Approval was given by the City to the buyer of the emphyteutic lease of the hall, IT France (Italian trattoria France) and the Iera group, during the June 30 city council. The advantage of this system – rather than recovering direct management – ​​is financial: it brings in 200,000 euros in rent for the City.

The mayor, Christian Estrosi, was counting on the expertise of the group which “commits to making considerable investments” for “give the Gare du Sud the attractiveness it deserves by the end of the year”.

If we still have few details, visuals were projected during the municipal council on Thursday, October 13. You can see the gourmet hall there, without huge structural changes, but with a decor in the bohemian spirit, which has been very fashionable for some time.

Wooden furniture, natural fiber lampshades and lots of indoor plants.

Training school and association space

We will still find restaurants focused on Mediterranean cuisine, whether it is from Nice, Italian, Lebanese, Spanish, Oriental or Greek. Enough to seduce the palates of gourmets.

A space will be dedicated to a training school designed as a talent incubator for all cooking enthusiasts. At the same level, associations will be able to appropriate the premises and organize cultural and artistic events.

The Iera group also intends to focus on entertainment by offering concerts and exhibitions throughout the year.

Obviously, work will be undertaken to improve thermal comfort.

The reopening of the gourmet hall is eagerly awaited by the people of Nice.

We will have to wait a few more months. Its reopening is announced for spring 2023.


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