Butter, milk, honey… these foods threatened with shortage

The war in Ukraine, combined with the scorching summer, led to numerous malfunctions in the production chains.

While mustard and sunflower oil have been scarce on the shelves for months, other foods may be missing in the coming weeks.


The magazine 60 million consumers is sounding the alarm: a shortage of fat like butter is to be feared. Several factors explain this situation: there are fewer and fewer milk producers in France given the difficulties in the sector. In addition, according to the sector giant Lactalis, French milk is less and less fatty “due to poorer animal food”. As a result, stocks are at their lowest. A rise in prices and a shortage are to be feared.


The summer was “catastrophic” for potato production. The lack of water and the high temperatures stopped the development of the tubers. While the harvests began in early August, the profession suggests a drop in yield of 20% on average, even 50% for those who do not use irrigation, i.e. nearly seven out of ten producers.


Nearly 45,000 tonnes of honey are consumed in France each year. But at the moment, beekeepers are in low spirits: production should be catastrophic according to their forecasts. After a rather mild spring, the summer was devastating. Throughout France, the drought has scorched the flowers and the pollen has become scarce, say the representatives of the sector.


Drought again. In the middle of summer, the FNSEA warned: a shortage of milk is to be feared “in the coming months”. The heat and lack of water dried out the meadows, so the animals struggled to find blades of grass to graze. The animals are then sold prematurely to bring some cash to the farmers.

Canned drinks

In a context of high inflation, the raw materials used in the composition of packaging have seen their prices soar. Some brands have therefore planned to reduce their production. This is particularly the case for beverages sold in cans. The price of aluminium, used in the manufacture of their packaging, almost doubled in the middle of the year before falling again.

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