Burglaries in Bayeux: downtown restaurateurs in the crosshairs of criminals

“Chez Paulette”, the managers reacted with poetry, by addressing a word to the burglars, at the place where they broke the window and entered the restaurant. ©Jeanne Cridling

Thursday, October 27, 2022, it is with amazement that the greengrocer who supplies the restaurant “At Paulette’s”, rue des Cuisiniers, discovered a broken restaurant window early in the morning. He immediately informed the manager. “They broke the window and nicked the cash register,” explains Fanny Magnan, restaurant manager. “They took our tips and part of the fund, but also a small candy box. The criminals left with “a small sum and were even kind enough to close the window behind them”, ironically Fanny. As for the equipment, computer in particular, nothing was stolen.

These are people who wanted cash as soon as possible.

Fanny Magnan

The restaurant manager has filed a complaint and hopes that the criminals will be identified as soon as possible. “We are not the only ones to have been robbed. Other restaurants suffered the same thing,” explains Fanny, who had to take it upon herself for the first two days following the burglary. “We didn’t feel safe, we tell ourselves that they came to scout the places too before taking action,” she admits.

Several targeted businesses

More than a week before, on Sunday October 16, the manager of the restaurant House B, 10 rue Laitière, who discovered the passage of criminals in his establishment. His surveillance cameras filmed the whole scene. “At 5:08 a.m., when it’s still dark, we see three men dressed entirely in black, hooded, trying to break the windows of the front door,” describes Jean Rosinski, who was not robbed.

They failed to find what they wanted. However, I have to pay €2,500 out of my own pocket for the damage caused.

John Rosinsky

Since the event and despite his cameras, Jean does not feel safe and remains convinced that the burglars “did not come there by chance. »

Criminals not yet identified

The Bayeux Gendarmerie Captain, Patrick Meunier, alerts to the fact that the burglaries took place on “several types of businesses and that this does not only affect Bessin, but also all of Calvados. There is an upsurge in burglaries both at home and in businesses. »

For the moment, “the criminals have not been identified. Furthermore, the captain advises “not to close the cash drawer. From the moment it is closed, people will try to force it to see what is inside. Even if there is a cash fund of a few euros, they will try to open it. It is better not to leave too much money in it. »

Security issue, he also recommends “anti-intrusion alarms, security cameras. It’s very deterrent, from the moment people come in and there’s a howler going on, they leave right away because they know their time is very limited. »

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