Burger King is taking over Google Street View and it’s hilarious!

Burger King has just hit hard for its new campaign. The fast food chain has taken over Google Street View.

Burger King has no shortage of ideas to create buzz. For its latest campaign, the famous fast food restaurant has taken over Google Street View. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Burger King on all fronts

If McDonald’s is surely the most famous fast food chain in the world, the latter is closely followed by Burger King. Indeed, the fast food restaurant founded by James McLamore and David Edgerton keeps talking about him.

And the least we can say is that the latter does not intend to settle for making food. Indeed, his goal is above all to satisfy his customers. But also to invest in causes that are close to his heart.

Thus, a brand new vegan burger was recently added to the menu. To the delight of gourmets. “We thought we had the idea of ​​the century with the Flexi Whopper but this is the real idea of ​​the century : from Tuesday April 5, you will really have the choice »wrote Burger King on Twitter at the time.

But that’s not all ! Apart from this ambition to offer meals without meat, it would seem that the restaurant has also set up an ecological project. In Challans, in the Pays de la Loire, the fast-food has collaborated with the company Bip et Vous Plugin in order to work with the local ecosystem“.

In any case, this is what André Thibous, director of the Burger King of Challans, recently affirmed. “The objective is to be able to offer fast charging stations for customers. Indeed, the commercial area which is not well equipped”.

And to add: “The installation responds to a growing need at the local level and the results have been rather positive so far. » MCE TV tells you more about Burger King.

Burger King is taking over Google Street View and it’s hilarious!

BK takes control of Google Street View

So you will understand, Burger King intends to do everything whatever is in its power for the happiness of its loyal customers. But if BK is well known for analyzing consumer needs, the latter is also very strong for the promotion.

And the least we can say is that the fast food chain hit hard with its latest campaign. Indeed, the latter has took control of Google Street View.

The goal ? Show how irresistible their burgers, fries and other ice creams are. Eh yes ! It is sometimes difficult to wait until you get home to taste a piece of your order.

So much so that barely arriving on the sidewalk, customers throw themselves on the food. A way for Burger King to prove that their menus are delicious.

So, they took control of Google Street View and shared images of its famous impatient customers. And this, in all four corners of the world.

From Paris to London via Los Angelesthose who love Burger King are many. One thing is certain, it is that this marketing operation does not fail to create a buzz. It remains to be seen what the chain plans for the future. To be continued…

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