Burger King is launching a Call of Duty menu with a free skin!

For the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Activision is launching into gastronomy (or not) with a new Burger King menu.

Franchise fans call of duty are impatiently awaiting the date of October 28 in order to be able to try out the controller on the reboot of Modern Warfare 2. Already available in early access for several days for all players who have pre-ordered the title, it is now available in a place unexpected… Burger King restaurants.

The fast-food brand announces its collaboration with Activision to celebrate the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, with a special menu that gives you access to a free skin and an in-game bonus. How could we better reconcile two passions dear to the hearts of gamers, food and a good video game? Obviously, Burger King has hit the nail on the head since the menu is already making the rounds on the networks.

Burger King ready to grill the haters

This one is available in restaurants from October 25 to November 21. To enjoy it, all you have to do is order a Whooper Cheese menu, the essential and inseparable sandwich of the brand. Once your purchase has been made, simply enter the code present on your ticket on the Activision website to retrieve the exclusive “BK Operator” skin and a one-hour double exp bonus.

Regulars of the sign can be reassured, the price of the Whooper menu does not change its price for this special operation, everyone can therefore enjoy it without restraint.

Call of Duty doubles down

This ultimate marketing technique is probably aimed at winning back its young audience a few days before the game’s release. Modern Warfare 2 was available in open beta on many supports. Will this be enough to match the success of the first Modern Warfare reboot released in 2019?

The world conditions being very different – ​​hello the pandemic – the last opus of call of duty will not be able to benefit from confinements to reach as many people as possible, unlike its predecessor. Strong franchise, the investment in the communication of Activision should nevertheless bear fruit.

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