Bunch, the new generation law firm

“It’s first of all a collective” replies Hubert Mortemard de Boisse when asked to define Bunch avocados. Beyond the expression borrowed from English, which means grouping, the new Lyon structure, also based in Paris, wishes to reconstitute a multidisciplinary, business-oriented offer in Business Law and commercial litigation.

Alongside the former partner of Lexcase (he spent 13 years there), former employees of the Lyon firm also: Estelle Rigal-Alexandre, Mohamed Bouzenada and Julien Chauplannaz. The four new partners, within a Selarl, describe a firm structure “agile, a tool at the service of our expertise”.

A multidisciplinary offer to expand

Commercial and business litigation, sectoral regulation, regulatory law, criminal law, restructuring are the main areas of intervention of Bunch Avocats.

The Lyon firm wishes to expand its offer by aggregating other specialties and indicates that it has approached Boreal Lawyers Lyon (social right), Axon (public business law) to integrate his group.

“No entry fee, we do not operate vertically either, but rather in a partnership mode”, specifies Hubert Mortemard de Boisse.

Currently actively looking for new, more functional premises, Bunch Avocats wishes to offer answersfast and transparent to its customers.

International development

Bunch Avocats also wishes to deploy beyond borders to strengthen its expertise with its international clients. He particularly approached Simon Wesley to forge partnerships with English and North American law firms.

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