Brussels-Airport: snacks will be cheaper!

10 Food-Stores will offer their unsold products at a lower price through the anti-waste app Too Good To Go.

Autogrill, the global food & beverage company for travellers, has partnered with Too Good To Go, the Danish anti-waste app born 5 years ago and active in Belgium for 4 years where it brings together more than 2.2 million users

From now on, and this is a first, 10 food stores from different brands active at Brussels Airport will offer their products on the app. This launch is the first phase of a larger-scale deployment at Brussels Airport, following the success of a pilot project carried out with the Starbucks brand in the public area of ​​the airport. Eventually, Autogrill intends to expand the available Too Good To Go offer to all locations. food & beverage from Brussels Airport.

In the Too Good To Go mobile app, consumers will have the choice between the following 10 brands, all located in the public area of ​​the airport: Exki, Le Pain Quotidien, Panos and Starbucks. In Terminal A, it will be Exki, Panos and Starbucks, and in Terminal B, Exki, Itsu and Starbucks. Each of these food stores will offer customers, for the price of 4.99 euros, a surprise basket worth 15 euros.

This basket contains a meal or unsold food products, which are still fit for consumption, but which are in the process of being thrown away. The waiting time depends on each food store and each surprise package. This is the app that warns the customer when his basket can be removed. This removal takes place at the counter of the food store in the terminal or in the public space. The latter being accessible to all, and therefore even to people who do not take the plane.

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