Boss incognito: Scandal in a restaurant, a sign in turmoil after the show!

After following the teams of various companies such as Yogurt Factory, LCLD or Sequoia, the cameras of Incognito boss invite themselves to Pokawa, one of the leaders of the poké bowl, a typical Hawaiian dish very popular in France. Thursday October 20, 2022, on M6, viewers were able to discover this new issue with one of the two founders, Maxime Buhler. Physically transformed so as not to be recognized, he joined the team of one of his restaurants located in Aix-en-Provence. And the least we can say is that certain shortcomings made Twitter jump!

After a first immersion, the 30-year-old leader, renamed Leopold and who now displays braids, a goatee and a colorful t-shirt, is presented as a young man filmed as part of a post Covid-19 catering recruitment . After Toulouse, direction Aix-en-Provence where he discovers a 22m2 room in the city center… and whose kitchen is located several meters away! In addition to the distance that requires employees to walk for five minutes each time, a cook notes several problems: “The crumbling walls behind it are dirty, the floor is not suitable, you need tiling (…). There is only one tub for washing and rinsing…

And that’s not all ! “We step on each other, we jostle during the service“, regrets another colleague. To make matters worse, some equipment, such as a large fridge, is out of order. So many complications for the employees who already often work in periods of high heat. Finally, another black spot: in this very small local, no place for a cloakroom or for toilets.Employees and customers find themselves forced to find other solutions in case of pressing need.

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