Born with a “kitten” in her tail, a Siamese could only be saved by a complex operation

A young cat born with a very rare form of tumor in her tail had to undergo delicate surgery for its extraction. The growth in question contained hair, teeth and bones, among other things, as if it were an incomplete twin.

In Turkey, a female cat has been successfully operated on after veterinarians discovered a teratoma had developed in her tail, reports Daily Sabah. This is the first case of this type to have been identified in the country and the 2e in the world.

Aged 4 months, the Siamese female recovered perfectly from the surgery, which was particularly complex. It was performed in a veterinary clinic in Ankara by the doctor Emir Düzgoren and his colleagues.

According to the latter, the owner of the young cat, Busra Nur Yildiz, had brought her to the clinic after noticing a worrying lump on her tail. X-rays had revealed bone tissue having formed in this mass. Subsequent analyzes confirmed that it was a teratoma.

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A teratoma arises from primitive germ cells. He may be mistaken for a “twin” or a “Siamese” with an unfinished development and stuck to the individual, but this is not the case. It is indeed a tumor.

Bones, hairs and teeth

In this cat, the teratoma included a skeleton, therefore, but also hair and teeth. It needed to be removed so she could live healthy.

After the operation, the animal knew 2 months of convalescence. Today, he is doing wonderfully and no longer bears any trace of a tumour.

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Illustration of the article: Born with a

Emir Düzgoren adds that this cat will be the subject of an article which will be published in a medical journal, given the rarity and complexity of this case.


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