big tension between 2 contenders concerning… a shortcrust pastry!

This Monday, August 29, 2022, the channel M6 broadcast a new episode of Love is in the meadow much to the delight of fans. Indeed, it is the back-to-school entertainment that makes the month of September go more smoothly! One thing is certain, the season will be rich in emotion, surprise and quarrel! And in this last area, it was Jean’s guests who launched the hostilities. Nathalie and Laurence are not at all on the same wavelength… culinary speaking!

Love is in the meadow : the contenders offer a cuisine of character!

Jean’s two suitors have arrived at the farm. So the adventure of Love is in the meadow officially begins for the farmer. The good news is that these two guests are delighted to see the chosen one of their hearts again. But the bad thing is that they are already crimping the bun ! One thing is certain, they are ready to mark their territory…

One of the highlights of the show is the famous visit to the supermarket. To have a good week, you have to eat well. In neither one nor two, Jean takes his two guests to the races. It didn’t take long for them to launch a heated debate around a cooking preparation… A good stroll through the shelves with Nathalie who has pain in her feet and legs. Something to set the mood!

Pizza or quiche? That is the question !

The happy trio of Love is in the meadow ended up at the supermarket. The objective was to do the shopping for them, but also to accommodate 19 people around a barbecue. Jean’s suitors are determined to show off their cooking skills, but have not necessarily found common ground. Thus, Nathalie, the blonde, opts for a homemade pizza while Laurence, the brunette, prefers to make a quiche Lorraine… So far, so good, but the story does not end there!

Shortcrust pastry or puff pastry? Dilemma !

The two candidates for Love is in the meadow quarreled over the preferred type of dough for making a quiche Lorraine. Viewers did not miss a beat of this sequence. Even the singer Julien Doré seemed amused by the situation and launched a tweet on the Web: “Let’s clear it up, the quiche?” #adp”…

We can say that the quiche Lorraine broke the mood… Don’t panic, Jean soothed the spirits with the quality of toilet paper… See you next Monday on M6 to rate the recipes of our budding cooks!

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