Béziers: at Pokawa, Hawaiian cuisine can be eaten on site or to take away

The restaurant on the Place du Forum offers various poke bowls based on fish and fresh fruit.

In its light wood decor, the place is lit and exudes tranquility. Surrounded by multicolored flowers, a poster plastered on the wall announces the color: “Béziers is better than Hawaii”. Translate “Beziers is better than Hawaii”. We are biterrois, or we are not!

In short, on the side of the Place du Forum, at the start of rue Viennet, gourmets come to the table in a Hawaiian version: the poke bowl or rather the poke, as it is nicknamed in the Pacific, is the king of the table. To taste on the spot or to pot.

The establishment opened its doors on July 12th. Cyril Demore is at the helm of the ship. This native of Stéphanois, graduated from a hotel school, was director for 20 years for a French restaurant chain, specializing in grilled meats.

Pokawa is also a restaurant chain. The first establishment opened in 2017 in Paris. In Béziers, six people from Biterrois (we are there!) opened this place: “We are franchisees, specifies Cyril Demore, director of the establishment. We have a whole range of mainly cold pokes, but also hot ones and soups in winter. Everything is prepared on site.”

Everything cut on site

Salmon, tuna, prawns… All the fresh fish is cut on site. Ditto for fruits and vegetables, fresh too. Behind the counter, we don’t hang around. In less than a minute, the poké ordered is ready!

Six people work in the establishment, which is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. A godsend for all those who come to the table late.

And the concept pleases: “It’s healthy cooking, assures the director. We have a lot of young people, a lot of women and athletes who also appreciate the fact that all our containers are biodegradable or recyclable. In terms of state of mind, we maintain conviviality and family spirit.”

Pokawa accommodates 13 people inside and has a terrace with around twenty seats. Customers can also take away their meal, or even have it delivered. As for orders, it’s directly in the restaurant, on a dedicated terminal (in six languages, please) or through the Pokawa application.

Among the flagship pokes, gourmets can taste, among others, the Hawaiian Chrirashi, made up of a base of vinegared white rice, avocado, mango and salmon.

For dessert, the taste buds will be thrilled with the Power ball, concocted on a vanilla base with bananas, granola, pumpkin seeds, coconut, raspberries and pomegranate. For the prices it is necessary to count, on average, 10.90 € for the small poké and 15.90 €, for the large one.

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