Betclic Elite: for its first French match broadcast in the United States, Wembanyama offers victory to the Mets

Since this week, Americans can watch the French basketball championship and above all… Victor Wembanyama. The NBA has reached an agreement to broadcast Betclic Elite matches on its mobile application, particularly those of Boulogne-Levallois, where Victor Wembanyama plays. For the first match broadcast in the United States, the French prodigy, probable future n°1 of the NBA Draft, did not disappoint. He largely contributed to the victory of the Mets (95-91, after overtime) with a nice sheet of stats: 23 points, ten rebounds and four against. A “double-double” therefore, which allows Boulogne-Levallois to climb on the podium, in third place.

The NBA did not skimp on its spotlight on Wembanyama and the French championship: throughout the meeting, the official NBA account on Twitter – which nevertheless has 40 million subscribers – did not stop upload clips of the best actions of the French pivot. Everything happened there: his counters, his dunks, his double steps.

It is however not the best performance of the season of “Wemby”. He had already scored 24 points during the victory at Le Mans a fortnight ago, and had achieved a better “evaluation” (overall performance score calculated using statistics) last week during the big success against Blois.

Next meeting next Saturday, against Limoges, on the side of the Marcel-Cerdan room in Levallois. And in America too, now.

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