Besancon. An association proposes to ban meat from school canteens

The animalist association Peta France has just sent a letter to Anne Vignot, the environmental mayor of Besançon, to ask her to go further in the choice of meals intended for school canteens managed by the municipality, like this which is being done with our German neighbours.

The letter states that “Fribourg, twinned with Besançon, has taken the excellent decision to eliminate meat (fish included) in the collective catering of schools. We call on the mayor of this city of Franche-Comté to adopt this initiative, which is more inclusive, ethical and better for the environment and for the health of our children. »

The anti-speciesists of this structure, who campaign so that animals no longer serve us as food and also have rights comparable to ours, consider that “meat consumption can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer, among others. On the other hand, a meat-free diet is completely adapted to the nutritional needs of the child. It is still necessary that this message be heard and understood by the majority of the parents of pupils.

“People are not ready”

“Honestly, I don’t think so,” admits Marie-Thérèse Michel, municipal councilor responsible for animal welfare. “It would be very complicated to switch to all vegan. People are not ready for this. This may happen one day, after several years of awareness and education to eat differently. Peta France is a bit of an extremist, although I share some of their ideas, being a vegetarian myself. The City has already instituted two vegetarian meals per week and prohibits the consumption of foie gras at our official receptions. It’s a big step forward. »

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In the event that a fringe of the elected representatives of the majority would adhere to the principles of Peta France, it is difficult to see how the recommendations of the animal protection association could be followed with immediate effect without the municipality becoming unpopular and singled out for disrespect for individual freedoms.

“It’s a matter of freedom of choice, above all,” said the municipal councilor. ” It’s too early. This subject is still very divisive. For the moment, I prefer to fight for products from small local farms, where animal welfare is respected. »

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