Bertille Bayart: “The New American Order”

CHRONICLE – The Biden administration is stiffening its positions vis-à-vis China, and imposing its own tempo. This protectionism provokes an outcry among the partners of the United States.

“We are still trying to understand what that implies”. Ordinary scene of the life of a global company at the time of the great Sino-American stiffening. A French boss is trying with his lawyers to clarify the consequences for his industrial group of the texts published on October 7 in Washington and applicable from the 12th. The Biden Administration has considerably tightened access for China to American technologies in terms of semi -drivers. The objective is to deprive Beijing of anything that could accelerate its race for military applications (artificial intelligence or supercomputers, for example) and its ambition for strategic autonomy within the framework of the “made in China 2025“. The export of components and advanced equipment and the provision of services by American nationals are therefore prohibited.

National text, global scope. Joe Biden’s presence in the White House has in no way changed the assumed or tacit extraterritoriality of politics…

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