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Oh hoist the sausage (1/5)

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This week, we’re going around the world for a must-have charcuterie. Today, the iconic street snack born in Berlin in 1949.

The famous currywurst, or curry sausage, originated in Germany. Herta Heuwer, a Berliner, managed to create a sauce made from curry and ingredients imported by British soldiers in 1949. She took the opportunity to make her livelihood in the Charlottenburg district. In 1951, she decided to patent her sauce under the name of “Chillup” and well helped by the German concept of Imbissstände, small huts where you can restock for lunch, she imposed herself in the Germanic landscape and in particular in the capital as the flagship snack to enjoy on the go, along a canal, during a bike or work break, or quite simply for the pleasure of flavors. But seriously, what is this sausage?

Depending on the German regions, the sausage that makes up this dish is called differently: Bratwurst in the Ruhr area and Brühwurst in Berlin. This iconic snack, which resembles the famous Bavarian white sausage, is fried or roasted and then sliced. In small white cardboard trays that hug the palm of the hand perfectly, the owner of the Imbissstände adds a reddish sauce on which he places curry. The sauce is made up of tomato puree or ketchup to which yellow curry and spices are added, along with vinegar and sugar. Generally, it is served with french fries bathed in sauce or waiting quietly to be dipped, in a tray next to it. This dish German…

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