Basel-Country: Samy the Labrador was stolen from his transport box placed in a car


BasellandSamy the Labrador was stolen from his transport box placed in a car

The owner of a dog is on the edge after the disappearance of her protege who she had left in a car.


A dog was stolen from a car in Laufon (BL). “I was with my family on Saturday evening in a restaurant in the village and I left my dog ​​in the car during this time”, explains the owner of the doggie. Samy would have been placed in a box located in the trunk and the window of the vehicle was partially open.

It’s misunderstanding

When she returned to the car around 9:30 p.m., the box was empty and Samy had disappeared. “When I saw he wasn’t there, I started calling him by name. It was horrible, ”says the 31-year-old young woman. She has owned this five-year-old Labrador since birth. “Who can steal a dog? It’s incomprehensible!” She assumes that someone opened the car through the ajar window.

The owner immediately notified the police and filed a complaint against the unknown. She also sent a notice of disappearance to the Swiss Animal Call Center. The Basel-Country police confirmed the complaint. “The exact course of events still needs to be clarified,” said spokesman Adrian Gaugler. No trace of break-in was found on the car.

Call for witnesses

The five-year-old brown Labrador is wanted. The missing person notice states that he was stolen from a car at Bahnhofsstrasse 28 in Laufen around 9.30 p.m. He was wearing a red collar. Persons likely to provide useful information are asked to contact the Basle-Country police. It remains to be hoped that this story ends as well as the one that arrived the day before to a Zurich woman. After having her car stolen with her Pomeranian in it, she had finally found the two.

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