Barbecue: here’s why you should NEVER prick sausages and merguez before cooking

Barbecued meat is something sacred ! This mastery is an art that cannot be learned overnight. It is then necessary to be vigilant and not to be overwhelmed by the appetizer so as not to burn the meat. While on the subject of meat: we sting it or we don’t sting it before cooking?

The barbecue: a sacred rite of summer

Every time we come back from summer, the same scenario repeats itself and the same discussions are held around the barbecue. As it only happens once a year, we never get tired of it. The smell of sausages on the grill in the garden calms the spirits and soothes tensions. But should we prick the sausages before putting them on the fire? So that is the question. Sausages, merguez, chipolatas with spices… So many smells that encourage us to relax by the pool. When putting meat on the barbecue, a question arises. This question can even then cause discord around the table. Should we prick the sausages or not? According to Jean-François Dupont, the organizer of the French barbecue championship: “ This is the gesture to avoid above all! “.

First of all, it is a health issue. By definition, the sausage contains fat. ” Whether we don’t want to eat fat, we don’t eat sausage. It’s like removing the fat from the sausage. You might as well turn to other foods, such as a marinated chicken fillet, or fish! “, he adds. However, by over-grilling your meat, you risk creating carcinogenic particles! A whole technique is therefore essential for barbecues! To avoid excesses, it is better to turn to good quality foods and reduce the quantities. ” VS’is the basis. In taste and texture, there is no comparison between a first price sausage, which is almost white, so much it contains fat, with casings that can be pierced during cooking, and a good industrial or butcher’s sausage. . They are two different products..

To sting or not to sting? That is the question

For a butcher in the central Halles de Rennes, the sausages don’t have that much fat. ” We does not make them very greasy, in natural casings. When they cook in the casing, they remain much softer”. For him, prick the chipolatas before cooking to extract fat constitutes sacrilege. He adds that a real grilled sausage deserves! He reminds us that we must always watch the cooking of the meat. And don’t forget to turn it often enough on the barbecue so that it can cook through. Afterwards, we taste, we have an aperitif and we’re going to take a nap!

For the bbq king, poking a sausage implies that there will be an absence of flame and therefore… no barbecue as you imagine. “Whenif you prick it, the fat escapes onto the embers and triggers flames that blacken and dry out the food. If we don’t prick it, we won’t have a flame, and therefore, a much tastier and softer sausage.”. For Jean-François Dupont, a burnt sausage is not one of the beautiful things, so you have to have the right gestures. Then not everyone can become the king of the barbecue!

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