Baked Mont d’Or: these 3 seasonal recipes are very easy to make with this low-calorie cheese

For the past few weeks, the Mont d’Or has been back. This gourmet cheese made from raw cow’s milk is perfect for making comforting dishes. And, contrary to popular belief, it is calorie-free!

The Mont d’Orwhich is also called Vacherin from Haut Doubs, is the cheese we prefer when temperatures drop. It comes to us from the Jura and is made with milk production from cows during the winter. A lower production than in summer, which explains the seasonality of this speciality. To choose it, locate the AOP and the AOC! Because’it’s creamy as hellwe encircle the cheese in a spruce box to prevent it from spreading. This flavors the raw milk in a delicious way. And the good news is that this gourmet cheese is one of the lowest in calories contrary to appearances. Roquefort, for example, is much richer. Another positive point: it is very salty compared to other cheeses! We taste with even less scruples these 3 hot Mont d’Or recipes!

1. Mont d’Or recipe: the traditional “hot box” fondue

This is the easiest and fastest option and best known for a recipe for hot Mont d’Or. It is necessary to count a small Mont d’Or (500 g) for two people. The little box of creamy cheese is very practical to put it in the oven. Purists advise not to add anything to Mont d’Or, which is self-sufficient if it comes from a local producer. If you buy it in supermarkets and it has spent some time in the cold, you can spice it up with a little garlic, a few sprigs of rosemary or thyme. As for white wine, there are two schools. The one who pours a little inside the cheese before putting it in the oven (it’s the recipe for the “hot box”) and those who prefer not to add anything! Again, it all depends on the quality of your cheese. And your tastes! For preparation, the lid is removed and placed under the box. Bake for 30 minutes in the oven at 180°C. Serve with potatoes and charcuterie as for a fondue. To change pieces of bread, the good idea is to pan-fry sliced ​​Morteau sausages. They are then dipped in melted cheese. Same thing with potatoes that have been roasted in the oven before. Vegetable skewers are another option. On a skewer, we chain bouquets of broccoli and heads of cauliflower, small mushrooms… And even endive leaves!

2. Mont d’or cheese recipe: a creamy risotto

The idea here is to replace the traditional parmesan in risotto with Mont d’Or. This risotto can be accompanied by autumn mushrooms such as ceps. For a festive version, add some truffles! For the proportions, count one volume of Mont d’Or and one volume of fresh cream for two volumes of rice. Also consider a dry white wine from the Jura for your broth. And do not hesitate to vary the Arborio rice for risotto, for example with black rice for an even more amazing recipe.

3. Cheese recipe: roasted pumpkin with Mont d’Or

Halloween is coming! Replace the box of your Mont d’Or with a small Jack be little squash or a small pumpkin. For that, Core the squash by removing its seeds but leaving some flesh on the sides, then brush the inside with olive oil. Then, we bake the hollowed-out squash for the first time for about twenty minutes. Then we fill it with Mont d’Or and return to the oven for the same amount of time. This recipe is faster if your squashes are small. As with a fondue, we can dip inside pieces of bread, just as well as Snake slices of Morteau sausage. And to make it pretty, we add crushed nuts in the pumpkin at Mont d’Or Fondue!

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