Baggage thief caught by Airtag

After two baggage thefts reported to the police in Florida, a man was arrested, betrayed by the presence of an Airtag tag in one of the suitcases.

An Airtag led to the arrest of a serial luggage thief at an airport, reports the American channel NBC News on August 11. In the United States, in the State of Florida, a woman returning from vacation reported the loss of her luggage to the airport security service.

In her suitcase, she had taken the time to leave an Airtag, these small tags marketed by Apple which make it possible to locate an object, such as a key ring, or a bag.

The woman’s suitcase contained approximately $1,600 worth of property, says the police department in Okaloosa, Florida, where the airport is located. Authorities summarized the case in a Facebook post.

The Airtag in the woman’s suitcase was still active when she reported the theft. By geolocating him, the authorities identified his last position, in a town not far from the airport.

It was by analyzing the places of residence of the airport employees that the police found the perpetrator, who admitted having searched in the suitcase and then got rid of the Airtag. The victim’s belongings have not been found.

The perpetrator had stored several thousand dollars of stolen items, including those of another passenger who also declared the loss of her suitcase shortly before the case. The 19-year-old perpetrator was arrested by Okaloosa police.

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