At Gruppomimo, your pasta is cooked inside a wheel of pecorino

Sicily in the heart of Levallois-Perret. Gruppomino recently opened a new restaurant in the commune of Hauts-de-Seine (there are also some in Paris, Asnières or Boulogne). In the kitchen, Pietro Rabboni. “We bring home recipes to the table,” explains the chef. I am Sicilian, I come from Palermo and I was very influenced by the cuisine of my parents. Gruppomimo was born when two of his friends, who had previously joined forces to set up a restaurant, asked him to create the menu card. He accepts, becomes the chef, and introduces his Sicilian dishes.

And one of its star dishes is pasta with truffles, cooked directly in a wheel of pecorino, an Italian cheese made from sheep’s milk. A preparation that very regularly provokes an outing of mobile phones to immortalize the moment and post it on social networks. For 20 minutes and his Full fingers series, Pietro Rabboni explains all the details of his recipe.

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