Arrival refocuses on the van, for the United States

Trying Arrival refocuses on the van, for the United States?

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The English start-up has decided to thoroughly review its plans. Farewell to the bus and the car, only the van should really see the light of day. As a bonus, the European market is no longer the priority.

Between obtaining European approval, its presence at the last IAA Transportation show in Hanover, and the production of the first pre-series copy of its electric van, Arrival had rather positive news in recent months and hinted at an imminent arrival on roads. The economic context, coupled with American politics, upset the plans.

No more car for Uber

First, Arrival abandons two of its ongoing projects. Farewell to the bus, and especially to the car provided for Uber. Only the van intended for “last mile delivery” will therefore see the light of day. But not necessarily with us.

Indeed, in a brief press release, the English start-up also confirms its intention to refocus its attention on the American market. Arrival explains that the investments needed to increase the capacity of its Bicester site are too high and that it prefers to devote its financial means to the American market. A market whose potential in terms of volumes and return on investment seems much more attractive to him. The same press release directly mentions “an adjustment” of the workforce in Great Britain. Not to use the term dismissal.

This reversal can be directly explained by American policy. Following the recent Inflation Reduction Act of the Biden administration, commercial vehicles can thus give rise to the right to aid for an amount ranging from 7,500 to 40,000 dollars. Aid that is only valid for locally produced vehicles.

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