ApoRed: Bankruptcy Lawyer Explains Broke YouTuber’s Debt Trap

ApoRed did not ask for the cancellation of its debts. Bankruptcy lawyer explains how long he remains in debt – MiiMii fans pay tribute.

Hamburg – Over the past few months, many eyes have been on Ahmad “ApoRed” Nadim. The flashy influencer who calls himself ” just the short“is completely broke. He wants to pretend to be bankrupt, but the official documents that MiiMii shows in his YouTube videos reveal that ApoRed is in even more trouble. A “real” bankruptcy lawyer lays out how long Nadim will have to pay off his debts – MiiMii fans are grateful.

Full Name Ahmad Nadim Ahadi
Known as ApoRed
Anniversary March 12, 1994
Place of residence Istanbul, Turkey
Followers on YouTube not publicly known
Followers on Instagram 1.4 million (as of October 2022)

ApoRed: this is the time he has to devote to paying off his debts – a lawyer clarifies

What happened ? ApoRed is not only broke, it also missed its chance to get rid of its debt early. MiiMii revealed new scandals regarding ApoRed and thus discovered that the influencer had failed to request a release of residual debts. The release of residual debt allows debtors to regain their footing after three to five years. For this, another application must be filed at the same time as the insolvency application. Additionally, applicants must not have applied for a release of residual debts within the past 11 years.

Is ApoRed in debt for life? ApoRed has two chances left: an insolvency plan or another insolvency procedure. Lawyer Ulrich Horrion offers short informative videos on insolvency law on his YouTube channel and explains whether ApoRed remains in debt for life. We have embedded the lawyer’s YouTube video here.

The first possibility – the insolvency plan – is a “ a complicated set of texts and calculations“that ApoRed must write itself. The debtor, in this case ApoRed, can offer the creditors a share by paying a third party. Finally, creditors must vote on the plan. According to Horrion, this is a common method, but one that also involves a lot of work.

The other possibility is to apply for another insolvency procedure as soon as the first one is over. As ApoRed is a bankrupt company, the procedure will take another three to five years. From then on, time will start running again, so that ApoRed will not be able to look forward to a discharge of residual debts for at least another three years.

This is the time ApoRed has to pay: According to the lawyer, ApoRed will therefore have to meet its debts for up to 8 years. It is therefore not a debt for life, as MiiMii had assumed. Nevertheless, ApoRed will not be able to live particularly luxuriously if he cannot make a profit again until 2030 – or at the earliest in 2028. ApoRed currently lives in a social apartment, from where he will probably continue to make profits. videos in front of crumpled sheets.

ApoRed must pay its debts – MiiMii and the community love the avocado

MiiMii responds to the lawyer: In his video, Horrion linked both ApoRed and MiiMii to clarify this particular case. Thanks to ApoRed’s case, this episode of Insolvenz TV received more than 60,000 clicks – otherwise the lawyer only gets about 200 clicks on average. Fans point out to the lawyer in the comments that they are from the MiiMii community and should not be surprised by the many clicks and comments. On Twitter, the YouTuber MiiMii is delighted with the attitude of the lawyer.

The comments section under the 65th episode of Insolvenz TV is completely flooded with happy MiiMii fans. They thank the lawyer for this informative video and invite other members of the community to spread the love on the channel. For two years, Ulrich Horrion has released videos that are probably only available to the smartest of all debtors* – if ApoRed had stepped in sooner and inquired about releasing residual debts, it probably wouldn’t. never got there. Horrion is visibly touched and thanks the MiiMii fans (and now his own too).

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