Anxious dog becomes kleptomaniac and steals his parents’ pillows daily (video)

Many masters are forced to hide their belongings, which the dogs love. Clothes or shoes, our doggies like to grab objects that are not theirs. However, these behaviors, when they are repetitive, can reveal disorders.

Amos lives with Melissa Pearce at Brisbane (Australia). It’s a crossbreed dog Catahoula Leopard and Beagle 8-year-old, who has nearly 73,000 subscribers on instagram and 563,000 on TikTok.

If the animal is so popular on the networks, it is for a very specific reason: it is kleptomaniac.

His owner films him in many videos, where he steals most of the time his favorite object… A cushion! The Dodo share one of the media:

In this fun compilation, Amos appears with a cushion in its mouth, which it takes outside. The operation is repeated daily. Melissa writing : ” Amos has always been a thief. The list of things he stole is so long I can’t even bother to write it down. “.

If the images make you smile, a more upsetting reality could be at the origin of this behavior: Amos suffers from great anxiety. For him, grabbing a cushion is just a way of reassuring.

His stress is all the more visible when he has to cross the hallway of the house, of which he is terrified. Its owner says: The daily race with the pillow only started after he was scared of the hallway “. She says the pillows are emotional support for him.

With perseverance and practice, the fearful pooch progresses and begins to be more confident! He also follows sessions with a dog trainer, who helps him overcome his fears.

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