Antivax lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio sentenced to six months suspended ban from practicing

He delights. In a video with grandiloquent accents, Fabrice Di Vizio, favorite antivax lawyer, revealed the sanction taken against him by the council of the Paris Bar Association this Wednesday, November 2. While six months of suspended sentence had been requested, including three firm, the council only received a six-month suspended sentence. A sanction confirmed at Marianne by a source familiar with the matter.

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So ! Public enemy number one, the Jacques Mesrine of the legal profession has received his convictionemphatically declaims Di Vizio in a video posted on Twitter. And when, for weeks, we insist on the laxity of justice, here is a perfect example. How, in view of the crime thus committed by the lawyer that I am, could I be given a six-month suspended sentence? But finally, what could have gone through the head of this disciplinary council, the bar association, he had asked for at least six months, including three months firm! That was a pain. »

In the supertitle of said video, the lawyer also specifies that he ” ban on [s]e present at the order for five years “. Understand, ban on standing for election to the Council of the Order, made up of 42 members elected by their peers. Not sure Di Vizio ever had a chance to sit there.

“Du Raoult in the text”

All to his mockery, the lawyer declares, among other things, to have been released ” partially facts “: ” Saying I ain’t fooled no one, never fooled the public […] this disciplinary council went to disavow [Maître Edmond-Claude Fréty, qui représentait l’autorité de poursuite, N.D.L.R.] “.

Fabrice Di Vizio was notably targeted for breaches “ to the essential principles of the legal profession “by making remarks” rude », « vulgar ” and ” offensive » pronounced according to his media interventions, having written on Twitter wanting to put an end to the contract of one of his collaborators in the cabinet because she had agreed to be vaccinated, and having encouraged his audience to multiply the appeals against the health pass and vaccination without making the public aware of the risks and judicial time “.

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In his video message, Di Vizio, always speaking of himself in the third person, comments on his own intervention: “ It’s Raoult in the text, once again his lawyer suffers the same fate. We couldn’t relax him, but it’s just like “, he laughs, in reference to his defense, before the Order of Physicians, of Didier Raoult, the professor who received a reprimand for having promoted hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19 in December 2021 Before announcing, in a new tweet, “ a live twitch to come back to [s]a pseudo-conviction at 9 p.m. tonight.

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