Anthony Delon in mourning: death of his “friend” and lawyer Dominique Warluzel at 64

Dominique Warluzel’s life journey has not been easy. For almost ten years, the ex-lawyer, whose retirement was recorded in 2012, accumulated serious health concerns. Victim of a stroke the following year, Dominique Warluzel was hospitalized, operated but finally came out very reduced from this incident since partly paralyzed. He operates an intense physical and psychological re-education but fate persists. A heavy fall a few months later paralyzed him again.

Dominique Warluzel had, on the other hand, lost none of his strong character and his outbursts. In 2016, he was found guilty of “attempted murder by dolus eventualis“and sentenced to 30 months in prison, including 6 months that he will not spend in a cell but in a specialized institute.

Dominique Warluzel did not pursue a career solely in law. Over the years, he had become a television star by hosting programs around justice but also cinema and theater, he who was also passionate about it. He was even president of a football club in Geneva and had been awarded the Legion of Honor in France in 2005. An event which his good friend Anthony Delon had obviously attended, his eyes filled with pride.

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