Animals in the company, “appeasement” and “relaxation” guaranteed to employees… except for those with allergies and the fearful

In the cafeteria of 20 minutes, the debate is in full swing. Is it a good idea to bring your dog or cat to work? “Ohlala, but that would be great, we could play with it during the day. I who don’t have animals at home, it would be an opportunity to enjoy it a little, ”ignites a colleague. “No, but no way, I already support you, that’s enough,” grumbles another. Our management has decided, it’s a veto. However, several municipalities have already taken the plunge. Since June 2021, the town hall of Grenoble has authorized its employees to come to work with their dogs. The city of Nice has also decided to do so, joined by Suresnes, in the Hauts-de-Seine. In October, the Paris City Hall announced that the subject was under discussion within the city council.

While the practice is developing in communities, some private companies have already taken the plunge. “At my work, animals are accepted as long as it remains punctual, and that close colleagues agree. It’s mostly dogs, but we also had a cat,” says Sandra, one of our readers. “I have already taken my dog ​​to my work once, because I was alone in the office and it reassured me to have my animal with me”, recalls Marie-Noëlle.

A labrador as “happiness manager”

And this is the main reason that motivates many employees. “In our company, we have two dogs. It’s great because it allows us to let go,” says Rolande. “It relaxes everyone and employee productivity is increased,” adds Leïla. “An animal is soothing. Relations and working conditions would be better. The atmosphere would surely improve as well,” says Flora.

Stronger than the seminar or the “team building”, bringing back your animal could even help group cohesion, imagines Sébastien. And why not encourage employees to allow themselves more disconnections during the day. “For example, we could go for a walk with him during break times, which encourages oxygenation and walking. It is very good for health! enthuses Anne-Sophie.

For others, it would also be good news for animals. “I think it can be beneficial for everyone. The animal in question would be happy to meet people and be able to get the attention, even the love of colleagues,” thinks Cyril. For Esther, it could even be stress less not knowing her animal alone at home. “I have two dachshunds, if I could take them to work, it allowed me to be more serene about my schedules by stopping wondering if they need to go out. »

“I lived it and it’s hellish”

The only condition, according to our readers, is that the animals will be forced to get along once in the company, unlike your colleagues Catherine and Jean-Yves in accounting. “It is obvious that dogs, cats and others will not always be friends. Some animals get along and some hate each other. The consequences can be dramatic”, estimates Loïc, before continuing: “If humans have the diplomacy and the resignation to face relational difficulties with others, animals only have the instinct to defend themselves. Only problem, the instinct of an animal and its defense, it is the attack. Therefore, I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring his animals back to work. »

“On the other hand, what to do with people who are afraid of dogs? asks Esther. And that’s the whole point of this topic. Contrary to what the owners of the dogs who assure you at the park “that Marley is kind as a heart”, the animals are not unanimous. “I am against the idea of ​​bringing animals back to work. I’ve been through it and it’s hellish. An animal has no place in the workplace,” says Stéphane. Same observation with Varoon: “The idea is good, but for the well-being of some, we risk creating suffering and bitterness in others. »

This sourness, we could find it in people allergic to different animals who will surely not applaud the announcement of their direction. Because life is bad enough for animals to cause the most unpleasant reactions in some humans: itchy eyes, scratchy throat, runny nose. [l’autrice de ce papier fait partie de cette communauté]. “If it’s an employee colleague who brings his pet, we have more means to contest their coming, but will we be listened to? asks Varoon. To tell the truth, we don’t know, Varoon, but we hope that this animal debate will always be offered with diplomacy in companies.

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