Animal wandering: An explosive situation

On our beaches, our hiking trails, in the middle of the street or in the middle of nature, stray dogs are part of the landscape of our island. Wandering or wandering because many unconscientious owners have the habit of leaving their gate open and their dog “beats a square” without thinking of harm. A well-established habit that has led, over the years, to an explosive situation on our island. “In 2018, the canine population in the public space represented 73,000 dogs. Of these, 42,000 are considered strays, which have no owner. 31,000 are therefore strays. There is a significant difference because if a dog stray has no owner, a stray dog ​​has an owner who lets it roam on the public highway”, begins Laurent-Xavier Delmotte, head of the division at the Department of Food, Agriculture and Forestry ( DAAF). Figures that make you dizzy in proportion to the area of ​​our island and its number of inhabitants.

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The first to suffer the consequences of this situation, breeders are on the verge of collapse. For several weeks, many of them have resumed night rounds, armed, in order to fight against dog attacks on their herds. Paul Payet is a deer and ostrich breeder in Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix. He has lost 96 deer since 2017. “Clearly at this rate, we are decimating a farm in two years. We are in the wall today, we admit defeat and the hardest part is to tell ourselves that it is over. ..”, is discouraged the breeder. At the Plaine-des-Cafres, everyone tells of the fatigue, the exhaustion of having to do night rounds after a day’s work. “We never disconnect, we have stress…

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