Animal exhibition in Tarbes: nearly 3000 animals in the running this weekend

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This weekend, animals are making their big comeback at the Parc des Expositions, with a new concept that brings together all our four-legged friends, dogs, cats and even rabbits.

It’s a long three years… Since 2019, due to the pandemic, the famous Canine Exhibition of Tarbes has not been able to take place at the Parc des Expositions in the city. But there is no question of disappearing, on the contrary, it is reborn under a new concept. “It’s an excellent idea to enrich the dog show with the opening to felines,” said Gérard Trémège, “and the municipality has invested a lot, because it’s an event that brings in a lot of people. , with the organizers. Including Richard Capel, president of the Association Canine Territoriale des Hautes-Pyrénées, who underlines: “After the forced interruption, we feel that the demand from breeders, all enthusiasts, is enormous. And the registrations confirm it, we have , Saturday and Sunday, 2,560 dogs entered in the various competitions, which will be judged by an international jury, from all over Europe, and even from the United States and Canada.It should be noted that Tarbes has joined the Grand Prix d’Occitanie , which brings together 8 exhibitions, and which will determine the best in each category. And the cats are not left out, with 300 registered cats. “Cats from all over Europe, and of all breeds, including many British and Sphynx, without forgetting the Maine Coon, also called the American giant”, underlines Jean-Marc Lagarde, president of the Cercle Félin d’Occitanie.

High-flying competitions

As for the dogs, countless breeds will be exhibited, mainly Australian Shepherds, the current darling, but Richard Capel insists on the important place left to local breeds. “We will have many local breeds, which we want to highlight”, continues Richard Capel, “from the Mountains and Bergaes of the Pyrenees, also called Patous and Labrits.” Who will face each other, peacefully, during the competitions, which will follow one another throughout the two days. In particular for the cats, which will be judged according to two methods, one traditional, which ends with a report, the other called “American style”, faster with immediate judgment of the jury. The idea being to make the competitions livelier, and get away from the debate of specialists, to open up more to the public.

Other novelties of this exhibition, on Saturday and Sunday at 3 p.m., a conference on training in the professions of dogs and cats will be given by the headmaster of the Donneville high school, a specialized agricultural high school which offers courses from the CAP to the BTS, in the sectors of breeding, guarding or grooming. And then, as Tarbes has always been at the forefront, the exhibition will allow dog breeders to “test” their animals on a DNA fingerprinting stand, because from now on “LOF” dogs will have to be registered on a file. A small regret however, the exhibition will be amputated of its feathered shutter. “We had to be present”, regrets Joël Dupouts the president of the Poultry Society, “with many ornamental hens, racing pigeons, but because of avian flu, this has been prohibited for a week.” It will be necessary to be “satisfied” with rabbits, which are more and more popular. By the way, know that the “rabbit” sector is called cunicole, it’s good to know… Also to know, it’s an exhibition, not a “fair” for dogs and cats, where you come to buy a animal. “But this is an opportunity to contact the breeders, who are always passionate, in order to make the right choice”, assures François Gonneau, veterinarian, “there is always a suitable pet, but you have to find the right one. …”

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