angry cafe and restaurant professionals

In the presence of the Central Office of the National Association of Cafés and Restaurants, professionals in the sector condemned this “random and improvised” decision by the municipal council of Rabat, which sets sums of up to 525 dirhams per meter at district level. from Agdal and Souissi to Rabat, reports Opinion.

To show their dissatisfaction, the professionals of the cafes and restaurants plan not to pay these taxes, also calling on the members of the association to refrain from paying them. According to them, this decision is “impossible to implement”, because of the “hidden” motivations of the municipal council which “voted it without discussing it with professionals and without consulting the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services”. .

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This is a “free kick to the constitutional document which stipulates the participatory approach, and contrary to the royal will, because His Majesty has requested the application of the recommendations of the last national meetings on taxation held in Skhirat”, criticized the association in a press release published on Saturday, inviting its various subsidiaries to support that of Rabat against this decision.

If the measure is legal and in accordance with the regulations in force, it is however “unfair”, underlines Noureddine El Harrak, president of the said association, explaining that the professionals of the sector continue to face the perverse effects of the health crisis. “Almost all property owners currently cannot afford to pay such high taxes. We demand a dialogue with the authorities in order to reach a compromise,” he said.

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