Anduze: the Garage restaurant will compose the menu, the guests will decide the amount of the bill!

On November 11, 12 and 13, midday and evening, booking, tasting and paying at the price that the customer deems to be the right one will be the three actions written on the Kas menu, the establishment’s table.

An experience, unusual and gastronomic.

Owners of the garage since August 2019, in the heart of Anduze, Magali Viala and Nicolas Pigeyre have opened a restaurant there, in addition to the bar and the hotel.

After a short break at the end of the summer season, the one the duo called Kas has made its comeback.

To celebrate this, the entry into autumn and to make the place better known, they are offering a new experience to potential Kas customers.

Two starters, three main courses, three desserts to choose from

“For the weekend of November 11, 12 and 13, noon and evening, for three days, we cook, you taste and you decide the amount of the bill yourself”details Magali Viala and Nicolas Pigeyre, partners, for a year, with Raoul Reichrath, former starred in the Michelin guide who became director of the restaurant.

His nephew, Kasander Dols, became the chef. For these very special three days at the Garage, he has put together a menu with a choice of two starters, seaweed tartare and scallops, three courses, cod steak, veal chuck, creamy risotto, and three desserts, Bleu des Causses, Chia seeds, Bitter chocolate.

Reservation required, four per table maximum,
drinks not included

So, it will be possible to taste raw scallops marinated in argan oil and nutmeg, cooked and snacked, with cauliflower and capers, then a cod steak “like an aioli”, with vegetables, flat-leaf parsley, whelks, egg and olive oil, and to conclude with a bitter chocolate terrine, with cocoa nib cracker and rice, cold chocolate cream and chocolate juice.

In the end, it is you, the customer, who will assess what you want to pay at the time of the bill.

The procedure remains simple: reservation is mandatory, for a table of up to four guests, drinks not included.

Such an experience, it is tempting…

Le Kas, the Garage des Cévennes restaurant,
15, Plan de Brie, Anduze.
Such. : 06 37 18 29 61.

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