An unknown disease kills dozens of dogs in the United States

Specialists believe they have identified the family of the disease, without having proof for the moment.

A disease that worries the United States. In the state of Michigan, located in the north of the country, several dozen dogs have been killed by an illness that has not yet been identified, reports CNN. In Otsego County and Clare County alone, more than 50 animals died.

The authorities have indicated that the dogs suffer from vomiting, hemorrhagic diarrhea, lethargy or loss of appetite. Symptoms that are reminiscent of a disease of the parvovirus family. This one, very contagious, mainly affects young dogs and those not vaccinated according to the American channel.

90% of dogs survive parvoviruses

However, while some tests conducted on samples were positive for parvovirus, others conducted on sick dogs were negative. “There are more results pending and more to learn,” veterinarian Nora Wineland said in a statement released by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The authorities assure that the disease is not transmissible to humans or other animals. The authorities, however, ask that dog owners vaccinate their animals well, since the majority of cases have emerged in young or unvaccinated dogs.

With proper treatment, the survival rate for infected animals is over 90% according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. However, you should not delay contacting a veterinarian in the event of symptoms, because deaths generally occur between 48 hours and 72 hours after the first clinical signs.

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