An Old Dog Finds Comfort With A Mannequin Dressed In His Owner’s Clothes

A pug dog showed that the bond some animals have with their companions can be very strong. The little dog, who was very sad after days without seeing his master, calmed down after approaching a mannequin wearing his master’s clothes.

Shorty is an elderly pug, and he is very attached to his owner, Marc, who travels a lot for his work, so Shorty is sad most of the time. So Marc’s wife, Kristen Peralta, tried to experiment with ways to comfort the little pug, and it was during her husband’s last trip that the idea that would go viral was born.

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An Old Dog Finds Comfort With A Mannequin Dressed In His Owner’s Clothes

“Shorty is very attached to my husband Marc, he travels a lot for his work and unfortunately Shorty was always inconsolable during Marc’s absence. So my mum had the idea to do FARC (which stands for Fake Marc),” Kristen said.

The name Farc comes from the combination of the word false and Marc. In addition to Marc’s clothes, they also added tattoo sleeves to the doll because that’s how his master’s arms are.

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“We dressed him in Marc’s clothes and added tattoo sleeves because Marc has tattoos. We thought it would be a funny photo, but the Farc worked perfectly“, she added.

Shorty immediately stopped mourning the lack of his master. Also, other dogs also wanted to be with Farc.

  • Do dogs miss their master?

Many dogs experience what is called separation anxiety as soon as they are left home alone. It is a condition characterized by screaming, crying, destructive behavior, inappropriate bowel movements, etc.

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But rather than being due to what, from a human point of view, we would understand as a lack, it is a separation management problem which, as such, can be solved with a behaviorist or a professional canine ethologist.

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