An association is mobilizing to operate on 3 kittens born without upper eyelids (video)

They are at risk of going blind for life, because the absence of an upper eyelid puts them at intense risk of infection. A shelter in the UK is struggling to raise the funds needed for their operation.

A litter of feral kittens was rescued from a scrap yard by the Yorkshire Cat Rescuea British association, in May 2022. The young felines had lived until then in deplorable conditions, but it is the state of health of 3 of them that will sound the alarm, says the Telegraph & Argus.

Cats in bad shape

After a veterinary examination, the volunteers will learn that 3 of the kittens from the depot were born without upper eyelids. Their eyes therefore do not close properly, dry out quickly, and become an open door to infections.

To save them, an operation to remove skin from their mouths to create an eyelid would be needed. However, this costs nearly 3,000 euros per eye, and the final price, which amounts to 17,500 euros, is impossible for the members of the association to assume.

They need donors

A call for donations has therefore been launched on Internet. Sara Atkinsondirector, entrusts to the Telegraph & Argus that all volunteers want is ” to offer them a view of the world, to be able to admire birds and hunt butterflies like all other cats.

Indeed, an enucleation, or removal of the eyes, could have been considered, but it was out of the question for the association, which was keen to give the kittens “ the gift of sight ” and ” to take away their pain “. Donations continue to be made today, in the hope of one day reaching the sum necessary to prevent them from ” live in darkness “.

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