an association condemns the city of Nador

The administrative court of Nador ruled in favor of the president of the Omam Association for the Protection of Animals, Nafissa Chemlal, who initiated a lawsuit against the municipality, the governor of the province (in his capacity as president of the provincial commission for the fight against rabies), the judicial agent of the kingdom, the Minister of the Interior and the Moroccan State against the slaughter of stray dogs. A first.

It is a great decision, which will mark a milestone in the history of Moroccan justice. Ruling on the slaughter of stray dogs in the region, the administrative court of Nador condemned the municipality of Nador to pay compensation of 6000 DH to the Omam Association for the protection of animals chaired by Nafissa Chemlal.

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In the eyes of the magistrate, the slaughter of stray dogs is an “archaic, outdated and uncivilized method”. These animals are “executed in a ‘barbaric’ manner by poisoning or shooting”, he added, before recalling that a large number of local and international NGOs criticize these practices. According to him, the development of societies is also measured by the treatment of animals, “which obliges us to proceed to other more civilized alternatives in order to contain the phenomenon”.

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