an American sentenced to death on appeal for the murder of his partner

Shadeed Abdulmateen had met his victim in 2019 before starting a romantic relationship with her. The young woman had announced to him in May 2021 that he wanted to break up, which his companion had not accepted. The following month, using a knife, he had fatally struck his ex-girlfriend in the neck and face, 21 years old.

Thursday, the Higher People’s Court of Zhejiang (east), which was retrying the case, considered that the sentence at first instance was “appropriate”.

Rare Death Sentence

The number of people executed each year in China is a state secret. But the death penalty of citizens of Western countries is rare.

China reduced the number of crimes punishable by death from 55 to 46 in 2015. These still include separatism, intentional homicide, rape and drug trafficking, but now exclude pimping or arms smuggling.

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