An all-you-can-eat raclette restaurant is opening in Paris! – Live Paris

300m2 dedicated to cheeses, charcuterie and potatoes. A new restaurant has opened in the Faubourg Montmartre, they have just announced their solution to face the winter: all-you-can-eat raclettes.

“You were impatiently waiting for it… Raclette is back in our restaurants”, proudly announces Monbleu. At the end of the summer, the cheese specialist in Paris opened a second restaurant with the same concept. A friendly place that sells cheeses, like a cheese dairy, and has them tasted, like a restaurant. To the delight of Parisians, Monbleu changes its menu with the seasons. As winter approaches, in their restaurants, raclette is all you can eat!

To delight our taste buds, Monbleu has prepared three menus according to our desires. Vegetarian raclette, charcuterie raclette or traditional raclette (without assorted meats or vegetables). By reservation only, Parisians are invited to feast for a budget of between €25 and €32 per person, depending on the menu.

The cheeses offered vary from the most classic, such as plain raclette cheese, to the most original such as Espelette pepper or truffle. For those who do not want to move, Monbleu offers the “Raclette Shop”: where everything is delivered to spend a good raclette evening.


Monbleu Faubourg Montmartre: Monday to Thursday – noon and evening

Monbleu Le Comptoir: Monday to Sunday – noon and evening

Photo of one: illustration image © Shutterstock


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